Product Overview

TransmissionIO provides its product both directly to Customers that require specific integrations and to Partners that are looking to provide one or multiple integrations to their customers.

For Customers

With TransmissionIO you are able to integrate your business systems to achieve better business results. We work closely with businesses of all sizes to make sure the integration is providing as much business value as it can.

For Partners

With TranmissionIO you are able to remove the sales roadblock that is integration, increase stickiness with your existing customers, and better focus on your core product. All while driving a better outcome for your customers.

1. Partners can send new Share Links to customers in 15 Seconds.

Share Links

Once a Share Link is created it can be sent by your Support, Implementation, and Support teams to customers for them to easily add integrations in seconds as shown above.

Integration Templates

Our integration templates are use case based. You don't have to spend time configuring an integration from the ground up. Instead, TransmissionIO makes it as simple as possible for Partners and Customers to add integrations by building them to work out of the box.

Adding New Systems

If we are missing a system that your customers are asking for we can generally make it available within a few weeks at no cost to you as a Partner.

Shape Image
Shape Image

Here you can see a Partner making a Share Link and sending it to a customer.

Shape Image
Shape Image

Here you can see a customer setting up an integration using the Share Link created above.

2. Customers can connect systems in less than 30 seconds.

1. Contact Details

Give TransmissionIO a way to identify you and contact you.

2. Connect Systems

Login to your systems or provide details on where TransmissionIO can access flatfiles.

3. Configure Integration

Configure your integration, or leave it empty and TransmissionIO can configure it to suite your needs.

Start a Free 14 Day Trial

Start a no-obligation 14-day trial to ensure it works well for your use case.

3. TransmissionIO Manages the Integrations Ongoing

Once the integration has been set up, TransmissionIO provides support to both the Customer and Partner ongoing. 

Unlimited Support included

All Data Processes and Stored in Australia

%99.99 Proven Uptime

Managed services such as SFTP included

100% Hosted with AWS Infrastructure

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